Our Products

Automation & Control

We are known for providing high quality products and solutions related to automation and control technology, power transmission and distribution (Energy PTD), measurement technology, building technologies, low-voltage controls and distribution, drive technology, safety systems and integration. From simple machines to complex process systems, programmable relays to motion controllers and interface modules, we cover broad range […]

Pneumatic Products

We are known for providing an extensive range of high-quality Rexroth & Festo Pneumatic Products specially engineered to be applied in almost every industry or sector. First Bell offers bespoke manufacturing services with a full line of Rexroth pneumatic and Festo pneumatics hydraulics pneumatic products from the leading companies in UAE & Qatar. From individual […]

Marine Material

We are known for providing top-tier high-quality Marine Materials designed specially to work efficiently within the toughest marine conditions. The products we provide are of the highest standards that improve your vessel’s design and efficiency, as well as have a reputation of consistent documented performance every now then, ensuring safety onboard and at port. Automation […]

Valves and Actuators

We are known for providing a substantial range of high-quality Valves and Actuators mainly required in process technology plants where liquids, gases, vapors, and granulates need to pass through pipelines. We offer Schneider Electric’s comprehensive portfolio of damper valve controllers and actuators in Dubai. Our versatile range of valves and actuators offers superior ease of […]

Pump parts and Accessories

We are known for providing high quality Pump Parts and Accessories based on the precise specifications provided by the clients. No matter what type of pump you are servicing, we have wide range of products you can easily find pump parts and accessories you need or just let us know we can make it available. […]

Compressors Parts

We are known for providing Atlas Copco compressor products & other wide selection of high-quality Compressor Parts to various industries and sectors in UAE and other Middle East regions. We are the only Atlas Copco Air Compressor supplier in the UAE that can cater to all your needs related to compressors, as we have a […]

Pressure & Temperature Gauges

We are known for providing a broad range of high quality Pressure and Temperature Gauges to all the major sectors and industries in UAE and Middle East region. The products we offer are specifically designed to meet the stringent needs of any civil and industrial application. They are suitable for all applications where functional competence, […]

Explosion Protection / Hazardous Areas

We are known for providing full line of certified Explosion Protection systems and services of highest standards, which includes explosion detectors, explosion vents, explosion suppression systems, flameless explosion venting, explosion isolation systems, etc. Our industrial explosion protection solution meets all the international quality standards ensuring the protection and safety of the employees, companies and the […]


We are known for providing all types high quality heavy-duty pumps having wide range of applications across various industries. Our products achieve highest standard of safety even while working under the harshest of conditions like extreme weather, high temperature and pressure. There are more than dozen types of pumps available in the market, but understanding […]

Hand Tools / Gages / Locks

We are known for providing all types finest quality Hand Tools / Gages / Locks having broad range of applications across various industries in UAE and other Middle East regions. Our branded heavy duty hand tools ensure reliability, durability and uncompromising strength that can withstand extreme and harsh conditions. Automation & Control Pneumatic Products Marine […]