Our Products


We are known for providing vast line of high quality heavy-duty fuses having numerous applications in different types of sectors and industries in UAE and other Middle East regions. We offer extensive collection of power fuses that meet all the safety and quality standards. In the majority of applications, compare to other alternative protection method […]

Hand Tools / Gages / Locks

We are known for providing all types finest quality Hand Tools / Gages / Locks having broad range of applications across various industries in UAE and other Middle East regions. Our branded heavy duty hand tools ensure reliability, durability and uncompromising strength that can withstand extreme and harsh conditions. Automation & Control Pneumatic Products Marine […]


We are known for providing all types high quality heavy-duty pumps having wide range of applications across various industries. Our products achieve highest standard of safety even while working under the harshest of conditions like extreme weather, high temperature and pressure. There are more than dozen types of pumps available in the market, but understanding […]

Explosion Protection / Hazardous Areas

We are known for providing full line of certified Explosion Protection systems and services of highest standards, which includes explosion detectors, explosion vents, explosion suppression systems, flameless explosion venting, explosion isolation systems, etc. Our industrial explosion protection solution meets all the international quality standards ensuring the protection and safety of the employees, companies and the […]

Pressure & Temperature Gauges

We are known for providing a broad range of high quality Pressure and Temperature Gauges to all the major sectors and industries in UAE and Middle East region. The products we offer are specifically designed to meet the stringent needs of any civil and industrial application. They are suitable for all applications where functional competence, […]

Compressors Parts

We are known for providing Atlas Copco compressor products & other wide selection of high-quality Compressor Parts to various industries and sectors in UAE and other Middle East regions. We are the only Atlas Copco Air Compressor supplier in the UAE that can cater to all your needs related to compressors, as we have a […]

About First Bell

First Bell Global FZE we are one of the leading and well-equipped industrial supply companies in UAE & Middle east . We are known for providing top-tier services to the Chemical, petro-chemical, oil & gas, water and power industries, Cement plants in the region. Our clientele also includes most of the major Refineries, Marine Offshore/Onshore, EPC Contractors and oil companies and other manufacturing industries in the Middle East and South East region. Generally, our products are based on the requirements of the plant engineering and various other industries.

Quality Assurance

We sell instruments and spare parts made with 100% genuine materials of the highest assured quality and certified products with warranty & conformity.

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What We Offer

We offer exemplary support to local and international logistics. We can quote successor types of old products with our unbeatable professional product backup.

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Our Vision

By following our vision, whatever your requirements, First Bell Global is placed to provide an efficient and competitive service with the worldwide manufacturing and supply resources.

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