How To Choose The Right Heavy Duty Pump For Your Application

How To Choose The Right Heavy-Duty Pump For Your Application

We know that the choices are endless when it is the consideration for pumps needs. The importance of the selection of a pump is high, however, your time is valuable. So, if you want to easily choose the right pumps for your application, this article is going to help you know how you can do it. It doesn’t matter if you are running an industrial plant or looking for power take-offs for your heavy types of machinery, this guide is going to help you select the right pumps drive for your application.

The number and types of pumps required: It is very obvious that every project is different in its own way and the number and the type will vary in each and every engineering project. It totally depends on the dimensions of the pumps and the pipework from which the fluid will travel. These two factors will help you select the suitable pumps for your application.

Maximum torque output requirements: After determining the type of pumps that you need, now is the time to consider the maximum torque output requirements. And for this, you need to make sure that the number should be less than the value of each of your pumps so you get smooth and steady operations.

Maximum input torque: In this step, your prime mover will come into play. You will select different pumps depending on the size of your prime mover. However, make sure that you have a heavy-duty PTO if you are going to select a high- powered prime mover. As per the rule, you should make sure that you choose an input torque that is at least 20% below the maximum rated value of any clutch or PTO.

Maximum input speed: You should examine the maximum input speed to ensure that the pump is accepting the maximum speed of the prime mover while designing the new pump system.

Cooling: It is very important to focus on the thermal characteristics of the gearbox while selecting the PTO gearbox for your application. And it varies on the application requirements and environmental situations.


So, these are some of the basic and important things to keep in mind while considering the selection of a pump drive or any kind of PTO. And if you have any further doubt, feel free to visit our site and contact us.